In our Toddler area, children are encouraged to explore, discover, and engage with their surroundings through hands-on activities and purposeful play. The Montessori approach recognizes the natural curiosity and independence of toddlers, providing them with the freedom to choose their activities and learn at their own pace. By integrating Christian values, we create a space where children can develop not only cognitive and physical skills but also their spiritual identity.

In our Toddler area, children are encouraged to explore, discover, and engage with their surroundings through hands-on activities and purposeful play.

 One of the significant benefits of a Toddler area in a Montessori school with Christian-based faith is the nurturing of character development, Biblical identity and the love for truth. By incorporating Christian principles such as love, compassion, and forgiveness, we instill in children a strong moral compass from an early age. Through Bible stories, prayer and discussions, toddlers learn about Jesus’ teachings, kindness towards others, and the power that the carry as children of God. These lessons lay a foundation for their personal and spiritual growth, shaping their character and guiding their actions as they grow.

Our approach

Language Development

During the developmental stage of one to three years old, toddlers undergo a significant language transformation, progressing from using two-word phrases to constructing complete sentences with accurate grammar. To alleviate the inherent frustrations arising from their limited ability to express needs and preferences, it is crucial to actively support and nurture your toddler’s early language development. Purposefully and systematically exposing your child to the language they require on a daily basis becomes paramount. This vital aspect of linguistic acquisition forms an integral part of your toddler’s classroom experience within the Montessori environment.

In the Montessori toddler classroom, children are immersed in a world of authentic, extensive, precise, and diverse vocabulary and grammar. The Montessori guide, with compassionate intent, engages with the child on their level, establishing eye contact and speaking in a clear manner. This enables the child to observe the articulate movements of the guide’s mouth as words are uttered. Delightful and carefully chosen songs, coupled with captivating read-aloud books filled with poetry, authentic stories, and captivating illustrations, further enhance the linguistic journey.

Through this thoughtful approach to language, your toddler will encounter reduced frustration as they learn to articulate ideas and emotions with words, concurrently preparing them for the subsequent stages of reading and writing within the Children’s House.

Coordinated movement and problem-solving

Within the Montessori toddler community, children are provided with a range of increasingly advanced Montessori endeavors. Each activity is carefully selected to align with the child’s specific developmental stage, fostering the integration between their cognitive abilities and manual dexterity. These activities serve as catalysts for the toddler to comprehend cause and effect, solve problems, make choices, and pursue goals, while offering ample opportunities to refine their coordination and motor skills.

Some activities nourish the child’s growing intellect by enhancing hand-eye coordination, while others address their inherent need for movement and physical growth. Your child will partake in both indoor and outdoor gross motor activities, from joyfully singing and dancing with peers to exploring our splendid playground through climbing and tricycle riding, experiencing the pure exhilaration of unrestricted movement within the Montessori classroom.

As your toddler engages with progressively intricate activities, each experience reinforces their belief in their own problem-solving capabilities and their ability to overcome challenges encountered along the way. From mastering the art of opening and closing latches to engaging in sorting and matching tasks, from nurturing plants to setting a table, your child continually thrives on new challenges to conquer, nurturing their growth and development.

Confidence and practical life

Toddlers have an innate desire to engage in authentic, grown-up activities, proclaiming with joy, “I can do it on my own!” Within the toddler community, Montessori’s “practical life” activities present your child with genuine tools and invaluable opportunities.

The environment is thoughtfully designed, ensuring that tables, chairs,  are perfectly proportioned and easily accessible to your child. Utensils and materials are tailored to fit their small hands and abilities, while art and mirrors are positioned at their eye level. Through the use of dressing frames, they acquire essential skills like opening and closing velcro, buttons, snaps, zippers, and more.

They eagerly embrace tasks like polishing mirrors or shoes, tending to plants, and washing actual dishes and cloths used in the classroom. Learning to independently wipe their own nose and brush their hair establishes the foundation of self-care habits. Delightfully arranging flowers in small vases and carefully choosing a spot within the classroom to display them adds to the community’s aesthetic allure.

Within this appropriately scaled environment, Montessori’s practical life exercises empower children to engage in meaningful, real-life tasks of their choosing. By actively contributing to their community and persistently practicing these tasks to achieve mastery, they develop unwavering confidence and self-esteem. This forms a naturally reinforcing cycle: the more they attempt, the more they succeed; the more they taste success, the more their confidence blossoms. Each accomplishment, mirroring those of adults, fosters the bedrock of self-assurance that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Toilet independence 

One of the fundamental milestones in a toddler’s journey towards independence is mastering the art of self-toileting. Our Montessori educators possess the expertise to observe the subtle cues indicating a child’s readiness and effectively inspire their motivation to learn, all while maintaining a supportive and pressure-free environment.

Your child will have access to restroom facilities accompanied by comforting rhythms and routines that foster familiarity and appeal. Above all, the mixed-age classroom proves to be an invaluable asset: older peers within the class serve as role models, igniting curiosity and a natural inclination to emulate among the younger children. The Montessori methodology prioritizes the utmost care in ensuring that the toileting experience remains positive and relaxed, promoting a sense of ease and confidence.

Socializing with -Grace and Courtesy

One of the most fascinating aspects of working with toddlers is witnessing their blossoming ability to engage, play, and socialize with their peers. As children learn and grow, they naturally emulate the actions and behaviors of the adults in their environment, establishing enduring patterns of social interaction that will shape their lives. Within the Montessori classroom, where children enjoy the freedom of movement, abundant opportunities for social interaction abound.

Our Montessori educators play a vital role in nurturing positive social skills through targeted lessons in “grace and courtesy.” Instead of constantly correcting behavior from a negative standpoint, children are gracefully guided towards appropriate conduct in each situation. By modeling courteous interactions, we tap into the toddler’s innate joy of imitation. Through these lessons in grace and courtesy, your child gains the confidence and understanding needed to navigate their world with thoughtfulness and consideration for others.


Refinement of movement and problem solving

Within the Toddler learning environment, children are provided with a range of progressively advanced Montessori activities. These activities foster the development of problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills, while also affording ample opportunities to engage in diverse physical movements.

Making friends and setting boundaries

Our kids have the freedom to move around in the Toddler setting, they get ample chances to mingle with their peers. Our staff members treat children with the same respect they would desire, providing guidance on social etiquette, such as politely declining or warmly greeting unfamiliar faces. These efforts contribute to fostering a compassionate and harmonious environment.

Going to the toilet independently

One of the most important ways a toddler learns to be independent is using the toilet on his own. Our staff know the signs that a child is ready, and how to motivate them to learn. This is also where the mixed-age classroom comes into play, because the older children set an example and inspire the younger children to try — which is much more motivating than anything an adult can say or do.

Mastering communication
Christian Montessori Academy supports language development by deliberately and methodically exposing your toddler to the specific language that they need on a daily basis. Your child will also hear rich, precise vocabulary and grammar through songs, read-aloud books and stories, so that they can master communication

In addition, they’ll be exposed to a wide range of expressive vocabulary and proper grammar through thoughtfully chosen songs, captivating read-aloud books, and captivating stories. Our goal is to empower them to become masters of communication.

Building a sense of community

In the Toddler community, your little one will have access to authentic tools and engaging Montessori activities. These activities provide them with opportunities to engage in meaningful tasks that mirror the real world, and they can select and accomplish these tasks on their own. By actively participating in their community, your child will become a valued contributor, continuously honing their skills to achieve proficiency. This process nurtures their self-assurance and self-worth, fostering a deep sense of confidence and esteem. 

Teachers keep parents and caregivers involved

At Christian Montessori Academy, teachers and families forge deep connections. Your child’s educator will actively communicate with you to provide regular updates on your child’s progress and extend invitations for your involvement in classroom activities. Additionally, you will receive daily reports detailing your child’s eating, sleeping, toileting routines, as well as the enriching learning experiences they partake in.

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We invite you to come and take a tour of Christian Montessori Academy in North Richland Hills, Texas. We are creating a safe and Biblically based environment for our children and yours to grow and develop. Here you will witness firsthand the love and nurturing environment we have created for your precious children. Discover how our Christ-centered approach, combined with the Montessori method, cultivates a love for learning, fosters character development, and instills values that align with our family's beliefs. We are eager to share our vision of creating compassionate leaders who honor God and are empowered to make a positive impact in the world. Come and experience the spirit of our community as we embark on this journey together.

Within the child lies the fate of the future.

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